Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hello all,

I saw Sex & the City 2 this weekend...did anyone else go watch it? All I can say is too much product felt like a running

But if you seeking a more artsy film please join the Cameroon American Council's Arts+Culture Program as we offer 5 (five) FREE film tickets to the Mexican Film Festival in DC for a showing today June 1st at 7.40pm or 9pm. Yes FREE!!!

Mr. Samuel Douek...who runs the Mexican Film Festival is really awesome...we had some interesting talk on how the Cameroon American Council & his org could partner! This is his first & the ONLY Mexican Filmfest...though there are plenty of Latino filmfest! Okay ma, so holla when next u are in DC! Also, I'm seeking summer interns...plz spread the word!

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